R@D Chain
Pharmacological activity test

As the first professional and technical service center engaged in the evaluation and research of drug properties in China, the pharmacological evaluation and research center is the first professional technical service center in China, it has the comprehensive ability of drug formulation evaluation, preclinical pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics research and toxicity prediction of candidate compounds, as well as the research and development ability of chemical drugs, natural drugs / traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology drugs and cell products. We have established and improved the research system of molecular biology cell biology in vitro organ like organ model organism mammal, and established ethics committee, quality assurance department, sample supply room and archives room. At present, the center can complete the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics research of cardiovascular, neuropsychiatric, digestive and respiratory system, immune system, endocrine regulation, anti microbial, anti-tumor and ophthalmic drugs, especially rich experience in stem cell pharmacology.

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